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Invitation for vaccination and how to book an appointment

1. Why does the Brussels-Capital Region use a different appointment platform than Flanders and Wallonia? What does this mean in practice? Wat betekent dit concreet?

Midden april nam het Brussels Gewest een nieuw afsprakenplatform in gebruik. Er werd beslist om uit het Doclr-systeem te stappen om een specifiekere toepassing te bouwen voor het vastleggen van vaccinatie-afspraken. Dit nieuwe systeem heet Bru-Vax.

Bru-Vax beantwoordt beter aan de Brusselse context. Het maakt het mogelijk om sneller en eenvoudiger afspraken te maken, binnen de lokale context. We willen namelijk flexibiliteit bieden aan de burger, door een vrije keuze van tijdstip en vaccinatiecentrum te geven. Tegelijkertijd willen we het proces ook zo eenvoudig mogelijk houden. Daarom stapten we over naar Bru-Vax.

Je hoeft je geen zogen te maken als je een afspraak hebt die gemaakt werd in het oude systeem of als je een uitnodiging ontving die werd verstuurd vanuit dit oude systeem. Zowel je afspraak als je uitnodiging blijven geldig. Meer info vind je verder in dit deel van de FAQ.

(update 19/04/2021)

2. Who can register for vaccination on Bru-Vax?

The following people can register for a vaccination appointment:

– Residents of the Brussels-Capital Region who are 16 or older.

– People who work in the Brussels-Capital Region and have already received an invitation.

In addition, people who live in the Brussels-Capital Region and are 65 or older can immediately go to one of the ten Brussels vaccination centers to get vaccinated. They no longer need to make an appointment beforehand.

(update 25/06/2021)

3. When will I be able to get vaccinated?

Phase 1a

Rest & retirement homes. This phase began on 28 December with the vaccination of residents. On 18 January, vaccination of staff also began.

On January 18 we also went ahead with the vaccination of healthcare personnel in hospitals. Their vaccination is carried out by the staff themselves and/or by the occupational physician.


  • On February 2, vaccination of staff working in primary care (starting with family doctors, home nurses and dentists) began. The first vaccination centers were opened for them.
  • March: Residents and healthcare personnel of other collective healthcare facilities. Their vaccination procedure combines invitations to a vaccination center with vaccination on site.

Separate arrangements have been made for people who are not mobile.

Phase 1b

This phase began March-April and involves the stepwise vaccination (from old to young) of:

  • People aged 65 or older
  • People aged 18 through 64 with certain risk factors
  • People with an essential occupation

Phase 2

It began in April and includes vaccination of the rest of the population over 18, invited in a stepwise fashion, from old to young.

(update 19/04/2021)

4. How can I make an appointment?

There are two ways to make an appointment for vaccination, as soon as the target group to which you belong is eligible:

  • Digitally: surf to To register, all you need is your national register number or BIS number (if you don’t have a national register number), an e-mail address and mobile phone number. You can also enter a foreign mobile phone number. In that case you must of course enter the country code (+xx). You choose the vaccination center and time of your choice. You will receive a confirmation email with QR code. Bring it with you on the day of your vaccination. A vaccination usually consists of two doses. That’s why your confirmation e-mail also mentions an appointment for your second dose. You can change the time via a link in your confirmation e-mail if you wish.
  • By phone: call the vaccination call center at 02/214.19.19. The call center is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and in the weekend from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Write down when and where your appointment takes place. You do not need an email address or mobile phone number for appointments made by telephone.

(update 21/05/2021)

5. How will the second appointment be assigned, if I receive a vaccine that requires a second dose?

  • Immediately after you have chosen the time for your first appointment, a second appointment is set at the best possible moment.
  • If this moment doesn’t suit you, you can change it yourself via your confirmation email. If you do not have the digital means to do so, you can call the call center (02/214 19 19) to have this second appointment rescheduled.
  • When you change the time for your 2nd appointment, the time for your 1st appointment will also be cancelled and will have to be rescheduled in order to respect the correct time span between both vaccination doses.
  • If your 1st dose has already been administered and you wish to reschedule your 2nd appointment, you must contact the call center (02/214 19 19) to ensure that the correct time span between both doses is taken into account. Do keep in mind that the possibilities of rescheduling a 2nd appointment are very limited, as the time span between two doses must be respected. It might even not be possible at all because there are simply no more time slots available within this period.

6. What is a NISS number or BIS number, and where can I find it?

The NISS or Social Security Identification Number is the unique identification key for everyone who comes into contact with Belgian social security. This means that every citizen with either a Belgian identity document or a Belgian residence permit has such a number. The NISS usually corresponds to the national register number. Workers who are not included in the national register are assigned a BIS number from the BIS register of the Crossroads Bank for Social Security. The BIS number consists of 11 digits, the first six of which indicate the date of birth of the card holder. For a BIS number, the month of birth is increased by20 or 40.

This number can be found on documents such as:

  • your eID (electronic ID-card)
  • the electronic card issued to EU citizens residing in Belgium
  • the residence permit issued to citizens of countries outside the European Union residing in Belgium
  • the ISI+ card (issued by the mutual health insurance fund to people who do not have an electronic ID-card and who are covered by social security for healthcare in Belgium).
  • the tax form
  • the number of your pension file
  • the ID-card for foreigners

(update 19/04/2021)

7. Since mid-April, the Brussels-Capital Region has switched to new appointment platform. If I made an appointment using the ‘old’ system, does it remain valid?

Your existing appointment remains valid. You can simply check in at the vaccination center at the scheduled date and time with your confirmation email (if you have received one). If you want to change an existing appointment, you can call the call center (02/214.19.19). Always keep your INSS number and your postal code at hand.

(update 19/04/2021)

8. Since mid-April, the Brussels-Capital Region has been using a new appointment platform. Is my invitation for vaccination still valid for this new appointment platform?

Absolutely. There are two things you can do:

  • Either follow the instructions in your invitation. If you enter a vaccination code and a postal code for Brussels, you will automatically be transferred from the old to the new platform, so you will always be at the right place to make your appointment.
  • Go directly to or make an appointment by phone via the call center. For more info on how this works, go to the question “How can I make an appointment?”.

(update 21/05/2021)

9. I am unable to click on the vaccination center of my choice. What should I do?

The available time slots at the vaccination centers are released according to the vaccines that are available. If you don’t see any available time slots in the vaccination center of your choice, it means that there are no places available at that time. Try again a few days later.

If this is the only center for which you can register, you can also subscribe to the waiting list. However, it is important that as many people as possible get vaccinated as soon as possible. Therefore, we’d rather recommend checking for which other centers you can also register, and booking an appointment there immediately.

(update 19/04/2021)

10. I am having technical problems with Bru-Vax in my web browser. Now what?

Currently, Bru-Vax doesn’t function optimally with the Internet Explorer web browser. Please use a different web browser for your registration. If you don’t have another web browser (such as Edge, Chrome,…) available, please contact the call center on 02/214 19 1.

In principle, Bru-Vax is should work optimally on computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

(update 19/04/2021)

11. I recieved an invitation, but my INSS number still gets rejected. What should I do?

There may be some delay in uploading the INSS numbers (= national register numbers or BIS numbers) into our system. We therefore advise you to try to log in again the next day.

If you are still denied access, please contact the call center (02/214 19 19).

(update 19/04/2021)

12. I am in the target group currently being vaccinated, yet my INSS number is being rejected. What should I do?

There may be some delay in uploading the INSS numbers (= national register numbers or BIS numbers) into our system. We therefore advise you to try to log in again the next day.

If you are still denied access, please contact the call center (02/214 19 19).

(update 19/04/2021)

13. After selecting the time of my choice and confirming my SMS code, I get a message that I will be contacted again for booking. What went wrong?

If you already have booked an appointment with your INSS number (= national register number or BIS number) and mobile phone number or email address, you can’t make an additional booking. If the system detects that there is another reservation with your data, you will receive this error message. In case of doubt, you can call the call center (02/214 19 19).

(update 19/04/2021)

14. After selecting the time slot of my choice and confirming my SMS code, I get the message “An error occurred during the booking. We apologize, but the time slot you requested no longer seems to be available”. Was my booking successful?

Your booking was not successful. You won’t receive a confirmation email either. Please log in again and go through the booking process again. After a successful booking you will receive a confirmation email. If you continue to experience problems, please contact the call center (02/214 19 19).

(update 19/04/2021)

15. I received two confirmation emails with the same subject and content. Did I book two appointments?

It is possible that due to a technical problem you receive 2 identical confirmation emails (same subject and content ). However, if both emails contain the same info, you only have 1 booking (with possibly 2 appointments, depending on the type of vaccine) and you can ignore the 2nd email.

 (update 19/04/2021)

16. I have problems with the system’s readability. What do I do?

Als je werkt vanop een computer of laptop, kan je de Ctrl toets van je toetsenbord indrukken en extra inzoomen door te scrollen. Het is echter aan te raden niet te veel te zoomen, want dit brengt de leesbaarheid van enkele andere velden in het systeem in het gedrang. Je kan aan de pijltjes onderaan de pagina zien of je nog naar links of rechts kan navigeren.

(update 19/04/2021)

17. How can I recognize a fake invitation?

There are a number of elements that allow you to tell that an invitation is not genuine:

  • Is the invitation unexpected? Are you already vaccinated or do you think it’s not your turn yet for a long time? If so, be critical and look at the invitation carefully.
  • You always receive a personal invitation by email. If your contact details are known, you will also receive an invitation by SMS or email. So if you have received a text message or email that is not accompanied by a letter, it isn’t normal.
  • Official e-mail invitations are always sent from the address, and invitations by SMS are always sent from the number 8811. So be sure to check where the invitation comes from if you receive an invitation by email or text.
    Be careful: the sender’s email address can be forged (spoofed), so keep a critical mind.
  • The official invitation will include your name. If you receive a message that is not addressed to you personally, it is suspicious.
  • You are invited by the Flemish, Brussels or Walloon government. You will not receive an invitation from your municipality, or from one of the vaccine manufacturers (Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca, etc.).
  • The vaccines are free. If the message asks for financial information, all alarm bells should go off. Under no circumstances do what the message asks.

Do you think you’re dealing with a fake invitation? Go to (available in Dutch & French) to see what you should do.

(update 11/03/2021)

18. What if I don’t have an email address?

Without an email address, you can’t make an online appointment. If you don’t have an email address of your own, you can enter the email address of a family member or someone close to you. In that case the confirmation email will also be sent to that person.
If also isn’t an option, you can still make an appointment by phone. To do so, call the call center on 02/214.19.19.

(update 07/03/21)

19. Can I choose where I get vaccinated?

When you book your appointment (by phone or through the online booking system), you can choose from a number of centers (the ones that are open at that time according to the vaccination phases and the availability of the vaccines). Once you have chosen, you can’t change the vaccine or the vaccination center. (update 22/02/21)

20. If I have already made an appointment, can I still cancel or reschedule it?

Your digital appointment confirmation has a button that allows you to cancel your appointment. After cancellation, the platform will let you book another appointment. You will then receive a new appointment confirmation.

(update 22/02/2021)

21. Can I transfer my appointment to someone else?

No, this is not possible. All appointments are personal and linked to your national register number.

(update 15/04/2021)

22. From which email address are the invitations sent?

All official invitations are sent from the email address

(update 09/03/21)

23. I work for a European institution or I am a retired official from a European institution. Do the Belgian authorities take care of my vaccination?

If you have a valid national register number or BIS number, you are eligible for vaccination in Belgium, in the region where you live (Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia).
However, some people who work for the European institutions can also get vaccinated in one of their employer’s vaccination centers. The goal of these centers is above all to make sure that citizens who, due to their specific status (temporary stay, residence abroad, recent arrival, etc.) are hard to contact by the municipalities, also have access to vaccination.
The conditions for vaccination will be the same in all centres.

(update 17/03/2021)

24. I will turn 16 this year. Can I already get vaccinated?

You can only get vaccinated once you have turned 16. If you only turn 16 later this year, you will have to wait a little longer.

(update 25/06/21)

25. I have my domicile abroad, but am currently residing at my second residence in Belgium.

For the time being, you aren’t included in the target group to be vaccinated for the time being.

(update 22/02/2021)

26. How does the waiting list system work in Brussels and how can I register?

As of 25 June, any Brussels resident aged 16 or older can get vaccinated. You therefore no longer have to join the waiting list, unless you really want to be vaccinated in a specific vaccination center.

You can register online for the waiting list, via the same link you use to book an appointment: A place on the waiting list is always bound to a specific vaccination center, that you choose yourself. This means that you aren’t automatically put on the waiting list for all vaccination centers. It is possible, however, to put yourself on the waiting list for several centers by repeating the same process several times.

However, if possible, it is recommended to check the availabilities in other centers. If this is absolutely not possible, you register on the waiting list of the vaccination center of your choice.

(update 25/06/2021)

27. I have registered for the waiting list, but didn’t receive any email or SMS. What happens now?

If you see the confirmation of registration on your screen, your registration has been successfully received. No confirmation email or SMS will be sent. Your contact details will be kept on our waiting list. As soon as there is a vaccine surplus at the end of the day because people didn’t show up, or if there are available places left in the vaccination centers for the following days, the call center will call you to further assist you to schedule an appointment.

(update 19/04/2021)

Practical information on the vaccination centers

1. Where can I get vaccinated?

Below, you will find the complete list of all vaccination centers in the Brussels-Capital Region where you can get your coronavirus vaccine.

Open since 2 February 2021:

Pacheco (Testing and vaccination center – Boulevard Pachéco-Pachecolaan, 42 in 1000 Brussels).

This vaccination center is accessible by metro lines 2 and 6 (stop Rogier or Botanique/Kruidtuin), bus lines 61, 270, 271, 272, 470 and 620 (stop Botanique/Kruidtuin) and tram lines 3, 4, 25, 32, 55 (stop Rogier), 92 and 93 (stop Botanique/Kruidtuin), or by train via Brussels-Congress station (at 120m from the vaccination point). If you come by car, you can park in the nearby car parks City 2, Rogier and Passage 44.

Open since 16 February 2021:

Heysel (Event Hall 1, Heysel – Avenue Impératrice Charlotte-Keizerin Charlottelaan, 6,1020 Laken).

You can reach this vaccination point by metro line 6 (stop Heysel/Heizel), by tram line 7 (stop Heysel/Heizel), or by bus lines 14 and 83 (stop Heysel/Heizel). If you come by car, you can park in the Heysel car park.

Open since 15 March 2021:

Forest (Testing & vaccination center Albert – The entrance/exit for vaccination is situated at Chaussée d’Alsemberg-Alsembergsesteenweg 203, 1190 Forest. The entrance/exit for the vaccination of people with reduced mobility (PMR) and for testing is situated at avenue Jupiter-Jupiterlaan 201, 1190 Forest.). 

This vaccination point can be reached by bus lines 48, 54, 37, or 70 or by tram lines 3,4 and 51 (stop Albert). The BePark – Parking Albert 2 (Match Forest) is also in the vicinity for those coming by car.

Schaarbeek (Sports hall Crossing – Avenue du Suffrage Universel-Algemeen Stemrechtlaan 22, 1030 Schaarbeek).

This vaccination point can be reached by bus line56 (stops Voltaire or Crossing) and bus line 66 (stops Crossing or Louis Bertrand) or by tram 7 (stop Louis Bertrand).

Molenbeek (Chaussée de Gand-Gentsesteenweg 696, 1080 Molenbeek).

This vaccination point is accessible with tram line 82 (stop Van Zande or Cimetière de Molenbeek-Begraafplaats van Molenbeek) or with bus lines 49 and 53 (stop Cimetière de Molenbeek- Begraafplaats van Molenbeek).

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre (Joli-Bois/Mooi Bos – Drève des Shetlands-Shetlanderdreef 15, 1150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre).

This vaccination point can be reached by STIB/MIVB bus line 36 (stop Manoir d’Anjou) or De Lijn bus lines 544, 547, 548, 555 or 556 (stop Mater Dei).

Open since 22 March 2021:

Anderlecht (RSCA – Avenue Théo Verbeeck-Theo Verbeekclaan 2, 1070 Anderlecht).

You can reach this vaccination point with bus line 46 of STIB/MIVB or bus lines 116, 117, 118, 140, 571, 572 or 810 of De Lijn (stop De Linde Plein). If you come by car, you can park on the nearby car parks at Avenue Théo Verbeeck-Theo Verbeecklaan, 10 or 12.

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert (Poseidon – Avenue des Vaillants-Dapperenlaan 2, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert)

This vaccination point is accessible via bus line 28 (stop Tomberg) or metro line 1 (stop Tomberg).

Uccle/Ukkel (Rue Égide Van Ophem-Egide van Ophemstraat 110, 1180 Uccle)

This vaccination point can be reached by train via Uccle Calevoet station (at 330m from the vaccination point), by tram line 4 (Egide Van Ophem stop) and by bus lines 153, 154, 155 (Hercule Poirot stop) or 575 (Egide Van Ophem stop) from De Lijn.

Open since 3 May 2021:

Military Hospital (Rue Bruyn-Bruynstraat 1, 1120 Neder-over-Heembeek)

You can reach this vaccination point with bus lines 47, 53, 56 and 57 (stop Hôpital Militaire; or SAO/DOO or DGHR Domaine Militaire/Militair Domein (only for line 47) or stop Mercator (only for lines 56 and 57)). The Military Hospital’s car park is also nearby for those coming by car.

(update 24/06/2021)

2. How is the coronavirus vaccine administered?

Check-in at the vaccination center

  • Register at the vaccination center with your QR code (on smartphone or paper) and your identity card.
  • Your temperature will be taken (if it is above 38°C, you can’t get your shot).
  • The vaccinator will administer the COVID-19 vaccine.

Observation: waiting room of the vaccination center

  • After having received your vaccine, you may rest in the waiting room. You have to stay there for 15 to 30 minutes for observation.
  • After you have been vaccinated, the details of your vaccination will appear in your medical record, that you can consult on or https://www.masanté (available in French, Dutch or German).

Check-out of the vaccination center

  • You can leave the vaccination center.


  • All data (surname, name, national register number, postal code, vaccine, batch number, hour, place, date) that are needed to register and follow up on your vaccination, are automatically registered in VaccinNet+ (the federal vaccination data base).

(update 30/03/2021)

3. Can I get a proof of my vaccination?

Since 16 June, the European Digital Covid Certificate is available in Belgium. It is important to check your vaccination details in time, as these details will be included on your vaccination certificate. Extensive information about the Covid certificate, how to obtain it and how to check your vaccination details can be found on this page.

This document is the only official proof of vaccination. The card you receive after your shot at the vaccination center is not an official vaccination certificate.

(update 18/06/2021)

4. I have already been vaccinated but it hasn’t been registered. What should I do?

At this point, it is best to take into account a period of maximum 1 week (and minimum 48 hours) between the administration of your vaccine and its registration on and https://www.masanté

If you still cannot find the registration in your personal medical file, please contact our call center at 02/214.19.19.

(update 07/05/2021)

5. Are the vaccination centres accessible to persons with reduced mobility?

All Brussels vaccination centres are accessible to persons with reduced mobility. They also have a number of wheelchairs available for visitors. However, it is not possible to reserve one in advance. At the Heysel and Pacheco vaccination centers, we also provide extra assistance to help people with reduced mobility.

(update 11/03/2021)

6. Which mobility solutions are available for those who have difficulties going tot he vaccination center?

In close cooperation with various partners, several transport solutions have been put into place for these people:

  • Free public transport offered by STIB/MIVB:
    • Since 17 March, STIB/MIVB offers free tickets, that Brussels residents can use to go to one of the Region’s vaccination centers. You can benefit from this initiative if you are eligible for vaccination in Brussels. You can ask your free tickets by ticking a box when booking your appointment on Bru-Vax (more information on the subject is available on : Once you have confirmed your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with one or two “Event Pass” codes (depending on the number of doses required for your vaccine). To convert your codes into tickets, go to a GO vending machine and enter the codes. You will then receive two tickets for a round trip, valid on the entire STIB/MIVB network.
    • Do you have no email address and/or computer, or do you have difficulties using them? You can call our call center on 02/214.19.19 for help.
    • Are you a customer of the STIB/MIVB TaxiBus service*? You can also go to the vaccination center for free on the day of your appointment. Book your free round trip in advance by calling the usual “accessibility line”: 02/515.23.65.

* TaxiBus is a specific transport service offered by STIB to people with a disability. You can find more information about this service here. For more information on the service, go to It is also the place to subscribe to the service.

  • Free Vaccination Tickets at SNCB

The Uccle Calevoet and Brussels Congress railway stations are both close to a vaccination point.

If you come by train, you need to obtain a free vaccination ticket in advance. The free tickets are available via the SNCB’s website or app, at one of the vending machines or at the ticket office. This ticket is valid for a round trip in 2nd class on the day of your vaccination.

When checked by the train attendant, you must show your Vaccination Ticket and the confirmation of your vaccination appointment (on paper, by e-mail or text message). If you made your appointment by telephone (and therefore do not have a digital confirmation), your invitation letter will be stamped at the vaccination point.

You can request this ticket for both vaccination appointments.

  • Local strategies at the initiative of the Brussels municipalities

Several municipalities offer transport solutions to assist senior citizens. Check your municipatlity’s newspaper, Facebook page, etc. for more information on these initiatives.

  • The mutual health insurance companies also offer a transport service for people with reduced mobility. They can find more information about the conditions for use and reimbursement on their health insurance company’s website. If they meet these conditions, they can request transport via the following telephone numbers or e-mail addresses:
    • Partenamut – Mutualité Libre : Transportline – 078 15 50 91
    • Mutualité Socialiste : Soli-transport – 02/546.15.13 –
    • Mutualité Chrétienne : Proximité Santé ASBL – 02 644 51 31
    • Mutualité Libérale : Cosedi Bruxelles – 02/218.77.72 –
    • Mutualité Neutre : Solumob – 02/217.44.44 ou via

(update 24/06/2021)

7. What if I am unable to go to a vaccination center?

Since 26 April 2021, the Brussels-Capital Region uses mobile teams for home vaccination.

At this stage, the mobile teams are only used in highly exceptional situations. They are strictly reserved for those who are genuinely unable go to a vaccination center on their own.

These are people who have been bedridden for a long time, people with severe physical disabilities or serious psychiatric problems, or people who have no way of getting vaccinated through the normal procedure because of another physical or mental condition.

Since 19 May 2021, these mobile teams also play an important role in vaccinating the most precarious target groups (homeless people, transmigrants, etc.).
(update 24/06/2021)

8. Who is eligible for home vaccination by a mobile team?

At this stage, this option is only available for those who really cannot get to a vaccination center on their own.

These are people who have been bedridden for a long time, people with severe physical disabilities or serious psychiatric problems, or people who have no way of getting vaccinated through the normal procedure because of another physical or mental condition.

People with reduced mobility or people who can go to a vaccination center with assistance are not eligible for this. For them, however, specific transport solutions have been put in place to make it as easy as possible for them to travel on the day of their vaccination appointment. More information in the question: “Which mobility solutions are available for those who have difficulties going to the vaccination center?”

(update 09/04/2021)

9. How can I make an appointment for vaccination at home?

Only a general practitioner can make an appointment those who are eligible for home vaccination against Covid-19.

However, each GP has been asked to limit bookings to a maximum of 12 patients. As the organization of at-home vaccination is complex, this limitation should avoid mobile teams being used when not necessary.

Do you think you are eligible for at-home vaccination? Contact your GP, who will check, based on objective criteria, if this is the case.

Once the GP has decided that you are eligible for at-home vaccination, there are two possibilities:

  1. The mobile team visits the patient at home to vaccinate him/her. In this case, the vaccination is free of charge.
  2. Patients who wish to have the vaccine administered at home by their own GP, have to pay for the consultation with their GP.

(update 09/04/2021)

10. I would like to help in the vaccination centers. How can I know if I am eligible and what do I need to do?

Currently, we still need people, with or without medical background, to help in the vaccination centers (to administer or prepare the vaccines, or for administrative and logistical tasks). You can find more information and the registration form at

(update 15/04/2021)

11. If I help out in a vaccination center, am I entitled to a vaccination before I start working?

If you actually work in a vaccination center, you will be vaccinated. You must of course also be present for your second dose.

(update 15/04/2021)