How can people who were vaccinated outside the EU obtain the Belgian Covid Safe Ticket (Belgian CST)?

To obtain the Belgian CST these persons need to meet the following conditions:

  • Reside outside the EU and be older than 11 years,
  • Have been vaccinated outside the EU with a vaccine recognized by Belgium (complete vaccination since at least 14 days and up to a maximum of 1 year),
  • Be able to present a passport and an official vaccination certificate, stamped by the issuing country. A sworn translation must be included if the vaccination certificate is not written in Latin characters.

If you meet these conditions, you will receive a Belgian CST that is valid for one month on Belgian territory. The certificate is only available through the CovidSafeBE app.

This Belgian CST can be used to travel to Belgium, but not to other countries.

Please note!

  • People who have been vaccinated in Europe or Europeans who have been vaccinated outside the EU, do not fall under this procedure because they can obtain a European vaccination certificate from the country of vaccination or from their home country.
  • Countries with which Belgium or the EU have agreements regarding certificates are also not subject to this procedure because their official certificates are valid in Belgium. This is the current list of countries: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Cape Verde, Georgia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Moldavia, Monaco, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Panama, San Marino, Scotland, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Vatican City, Wales. Please note that the vaccination cycle followed must be recognized by Belgium.

As a reminder: people with a Belgian INSZ- or BIS-number who have been vaccinated abroad and who do not have a European or a European recognized vaccination certificate, can request a regularization of their vaccination through their Belgian physician (provided that their vaccination is recognized in Belgium). The resulting European vaccination certificate (accessible by logging onto masanté.be with their INSZ- or BIS-number) is then also valid as a Covid Safe Ticket during 1 year (starting from the date of full vaccination), including for travel to other EU countries. Foreigners working in Belgium, even for less than 3 months, should request a BIS-number via the municipality/city of their residence in Belgium.

In case you are planning on using your Belgian CST in Wallonia, go to the website created by AVIQ.

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