The interactive map below shows all active vaccination sites by municipality as well as the times and addresses of these sites.

So getting vaccinated against the coronavirus has never been easier!

You can be vaccinated against Covid at a vaccination centre, at your GP’s surgery, at a medical centre or pharmacy.  Select the municipality of your choice and the map will show you where you can be vaccinated with or without an appointment. 

  • For a vaccination at one of our 2 vaccination centres (Pacheco and Molenbeek) , you can make an appointment via Bru-Vax. Please note that the vaccination centres of  Woluwe-St-Pierre and Forest are definitely closed since November 30th, 2022.

  • A vaccination in one of the medical homes or medical centres requires an appointment. You need to take this by phone, consult the interactive map below.

  • For a vaccination in a pharmacy, please consult the interactive map to find out whether an appointment is needed.

Where to take an appointment

Information & procedures for the vaccination centres

Since 25 January 2022, all Brussels residents over the age of 16 can visit all our vaccination centres without an appointment (except from September 12th till 30th 2022). It is recommended to come to the vaccination centres at least 1 hour before closing time. If you prefer to avoid the risk of queuing, you can always make an appointment via the BruVax website or by calling the call-center on 02/214 19 19.

Vaccination centres are medical facilities that have been set up temporarily to ensure rapid and effective vaccination. It is compulsory to wear a mask.

All Brussels residents are welcome to visit the vaccination centres, including mothers and fathers with a baby/young child. We recommend (as far as possible) that you come alone, to limit the number of people in the centres and the practical difficulties that a small child can cause if the vaccinated adult becomes unwell. For this reason also, we advise that the baby/child be placed in a pushchair or equivalent.

Children and young people aged between 5 and 15 years must be accompanied by (one of) their parents or guardian when visiting the vaccination centre.

For ease of access and convenience, seniors are encouraged to visit a vaccination centre, a vaccination clinic or their GP.