STIB-MIVB takes you to the vaccination center free of charge!

STIB-MIVB wants to support the ongoing vaccination campaign by facilitating travel to the vaccination centers. That is why the transport company is offering all Brussels residents free transport (return journey) when they get vaccinated.

As of Thursday 18 March, anyone in Brussels who has received an invitation to be vaccinated against Covid-19, can travel free of charge on the STIB-MIVB network, for each of their appointments.

Vaccination happens in two stages. This means that both round-trips to the vaccination centers in Brussels are free of charge for the people concerned.

 How do you obtain your free tickets to the vaccination center?

  • In order to obtain the tickets, fill in the form on the STIB-MIVB web page (you need to enter the personal vaccination code mentioned on your invitation for vaccination).

  • Once you have filled in the form, you will receive two single-use codes by e-mail which you can use to print 2 free return tickets at the Go vending machines, located in the metro and pre-metro stations and at the most important stops above ground. On the machine, you need to select “Event Pass” and enter the personal codes you received by e-mail. The free return tickets can be used for both appointments for both doses of the vaccine.

  •  If you don’t have an e-mail address or a computer, please contact our call-center. Our staff will help you with this process (the call center’s phone number is indicated in your invitation).

  •  To avoid stress for travelers on the day they get vaccinated, it is possible to collect the tickets in advance from any vending machine. You don’t have to wait until the day of your appointment.

People with reduced mobility

People with reduced mobility who use the STIB-MIVB TaxiBus service can also travel to the vaccination center free of charge on the day of their appointment. They can book their journey by calling the usual “accessibility line”.