What should you do if your child is ill?

Is your child showing signs of illness with fever and/or respiratory problems such as coughing and breathing difficulties? Contact your doctor by telephone. If the doctor decides to test your child, inform the CLB.

If one pupil in the primary school tests positive, then his teachers and classmates are considered low-risk contacts. This means that these persons may continue their activities, but must avoid contact with vulnerable persons. If two children test positive in a fortnight, and it is suspected that this is due to virus circulation in the classroom, the whole class will have to be tested. There are child-friendly sampling techniques for this. If the test is negative, quarantine is not necessary. On day 7, however, all children must be tested again.

If a child tests positive for COVID-19 in secondary school, the rules remain unchanged. In this case, the school must be notified. The CLB will then identify the high-risk contacts of this pupil. The high-risk contacts that have not been vaccinated must then be immediately quarantined and tested on days one and seven. If they test negative on day seven, quarantine is no longer necessary. Those who have been vaccinated are tested on day one, and if that test is negative, quarantine is obviously not necessary.

For the latest information, see: https://covid-19.sciensano.be/

Due to the anomalous corona figures and the low vaccination rate in the Brussels Region, Brussels schools will start with strict measures in place until at least the end of September. The measures applicable at the end of the last school year will be maintained for the time being, see http://www.enseignement.be